Oleificio Frantoio Collina del Sole nel Gargano
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Milling by extraction at cold

  • Pressing of the olives from traditional farming
  • Pressing of the olives from organic farming
  • Batch processing
  • Panoramic mills
  • Extraction at cold

The secular olive trees of Gargano produce varieties of excellent olives from which an extra-virgin olive oil of high quality come from. Oil Mill Collina del Sole guarantees to olive producers the pressing with extraction at cold in order to keep the organoleptic characteristics which an extra virgin olive oil should have.

After a detailed check of the quality, the olives are processed in cold within little time after collection by plants operating on a continuous cycle. The oil extraction is by means of cold centrifuging of the olive paste at a temperature lower than 27 °C (according to EEC Regulation 1019/2002). This operation is essential to ensure the quality of extra-virgin olive oil preserving the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of product.

Only in this way can we obtain an oil that embodies all the best characteristics of an extra virgin olive oil, with attention paid towards the safeguard of particular olive cultivar. The result is an olive oil with an intense and full taste and with an extremely low level of acidity.

Steps in Processing










Final separation