From classic extra virgin olive oil to flavoured oils


Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chilli Pepper, Basil, Lemon, Garlic or Orange. These are the flavoured oils of Oil Mill “Collina del Sole”: Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Gargano enriched with typical Mediterranean herbs and scents, an idea to discover the most authentic and traditional Italian cooking in a new way, tasty and easy to use.

The flavoured oils of Collina del Sole are not obtained with infusions but by working directly olives with various products such as oranges, lemons, peppers, garlic or basil.

Olio aromatizzato
Flavoured Oils


Oli Aromatizzati al Limone

Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavoured with lemon



Use it for seasoning uncooked dishes, salads with prawns and seafood, boiled vegetables, grilled meat and fish.


Oli aromatizzati al Peperoncino

Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavoured with hot pepper



Excellent to season soup with pulses and to prepare classic “amatriciana” sauce or “arrabbiata” sauce. Best used on pizza, pasta and toasted bread.


Oli aromatizzato all'Aglio

Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavoured with garlic



Use it for dipping bruschetta, grilled vegetables and crusty bread. Ideal for fish dishes and soups. Also, wonderful to make spaghetti with garlic, oil and chili pepper.


Olio aromatizzato al basilico

Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavoured with basil



It can be combined with a great variety of food, such as bruschetta, “caprese” salad, fresh sauces and pasta. Excellent on salad of tomatoes or boiled fish.


Oli aromatizzato all'Arancia

Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavoured with orange



Excellent for seasoning marinated sword fish like, tuna or salmon. Use it also for raw fish and salads. It is also ideal with pastries and baked food.